As a member of the Cedar Valley, the Waterloo Bucks make it a priority to support the Cedar Valley communities both on and off the field. Through the “Our Bucks” Community Initiative, the Bucks are looking to promote any and all involvement throughout the surrounding communities.

‘Our Bucks’ Purpose Statement:
The purpose of Our Bucks is to connect the citizens of Waterloo and the Greater Cedar Valley with the Waterloo Bucks Baseball Organization by promoting community involvement, ownership and building the bond between the fans and the organization.”

From our Annual Summer Reading Program to community hosted events, the Waterloo Bucks are excited to promote the ways the Bucks help make the community greater. Using our social media platforms and in-stadium Community Board, the Bucks understand the significance of community and find it important to support those who support our organization.

For any further information on the Bucks’ community involvement, future events, or how to promote your upcoming events, please contact Dan Corbin at (319) 232-0500 or via email at Go Bucks!