Catch Up With Austin Wagner

It’s time to check in with some Dock Spiders players from last summer to see how their experience was and what to expect during their upcoming college season!

Austin Wagner LHP

Ellsworth Community College

What was your favorite Dock Spiders moment from the regular season of 2018?

My favorite moment of the season was winning the championship and getting to know my teammates.

What was your favorite moment during the Northwoods League championship run in August?

My favorite moment during the championship run was that we had nothing to lose and yet we won it all.

What was your favorite part about being in Fond du Lac?

Fond du Lac is my home town, but it was one of my best summers there because of all the new guys I met along the way and being able to play in front of my family and old teammates.

What did you do when you had an off day during the season?

The one off day we had I went with my family to the Sports Complex and went swimming on the pond they have out there.

How did the Northwoods League experience help you grow as a player?

The Northwoods helped me grow as a player by learning that the division you play at doesn’t come close to defining who you are and how well you play.

How was your Fall Ball season, and what are your expectations for your college season this Spring?

My fall season went really well.  I pitched very well and got some looks from some schools and actually committed to ACU (Abilene Christian University) which is a Division 1 school in Texas.  After this year at Ellsworth Community College, I will be heading there to play for my Junior and Senior years.

What advice would you provide future players who are coming to play for the Dock Spiders and in the Northwoods League?

The advice I would give is to have fun and enjoy every moment that comes because there will be a lot of them.  Also, keep an open mind and listen and learn from the coaches and players because you will pick up a lot of new things and possibly benefit from most of the things you learned.