Catching Up with Andrew Bullock

Catching Up with Andrew Bullock (2017, 2018, 2019 Dock Spider) from Western Carolina University



1) What was different about each of your three summers in Fond du Lac?

Each of my three summers in Fondy came with a lot of different memories. The clubhouse had a vibe that was unique each year. I was fortunate enough to play and make great friends from all over the world.

2) What will you miss most about Fond du Lac?

The thing I will miss most about Fond du Lac is playing at Herr-Baker Field. Playing in front of the “Fondy Faithful” every night was special. Through the good and the bad the crowd was always behind us.

3) What did you enjoy about playing summer baseball in the Midwest?

First, I enjoyed Grandma Betty for opening up her house to my teammates and me. Coming from Virginia to Wisconsin I had no clue what to expect but she brought me in and treated me like I was one of her own. The relationship I was able to make with her over the years was very special and I will always be grateful for her.

I also enjoyed the team and coaches I was able to meet along the way. Coach Charbs (Manager-Zac Charbonneau) gave me the opportunity to play here for three years and it was a huge blessing. The bonds my teammates, coaches, and I made over the years were very special and I will never forget those moments.

4) Favorite memory out of the last three summers?

My favorite memory would have to be winning the Northwoods League title in 2018. Seeing all of the hard work pay off after 77 games was an awesome experience. We really came together late in the season. We were fortunate enough to win the league and end our summer off the right way before heading back to our respective schools.

5) What advice would you provide future players who are coming to play for the Dock Spiders and in the Northwoods League?

If you get a chance to play for the Dock Spiders and Coach Charbs you are not going to want to pass it up. I believe Fond du Lac is the best place to play in the Northwoods League. Coach Charbs is more about players coming in each summer and getting better. He does a great job playing you in different positions, gets you at bats and gives you rest when you need it. He is a great coach that cares more about getting you back to school to help your college win than he is about winning (which is easy for players to get behind).

I believe you will also be able to feel the community behind you. Each home game we always made a point, “We don’t lose in front of the Fondy Faithful”. The community had our backs and made it one of the best Northwoods League atmospheres to play in.

6) What are your expectations for your college team in your senior season?

My expectations for my college team this year is to win the regular season championship and make a push for a postseason run in late May. I believe we have the right people and the right players in our clubhouse to make that happen.

7) What is your long-term goal after college?

My goals after college if baseball does not work out is to find a quality job in the business field.