MaidPro Mondays Musings- 5 Questions With The Bucks

Five questions with the Bucks radio announcer Chris Kleinhans-Schulz.

1. When did you start announcing for the Waterloo Bucks?

–This is my first year with the team.

What announcing have you done before?

–I have three years of experience announcing at Valparaiso University for football, basketball, baseball, and soccer, pretty much everything.

3.  What made you want to start announcing

Well, I realized I didn’t have a ton of natural aptitude for playing sports but I’m a big sports fan. Annoucing just sort of came to me natrually and kept me in the game.

4. What made you want to announce for the Bucks?

–I wanted to continue announcing into the summer. The team plays in a good league and not far from where I live and it was a good opportunity to keep gaining experience announcing.

5.  What’s your favorite movie?

–The Final Season

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