MaidPro Mondays Musings- 5 Questions With The Bucks

Questions with former Buck Deric Manrique presented by MaidPro.\"\"

Deric Manrique, played with the Bucks from 2006-2007, appearing in 37 games. We decided to catch up with him. 
 What have you been up to since playing for the Bucks?

I currently work for the Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx in the Premium Seating Department.

What is your favorite Bucks memory?

My favorite Bucks memory is getting to meet teammates from all over the country and staying in touch with them years after. 

Who was a player you admired growing up and why?
I always admired the way Kirby Puckett played the game. I played centerfield because he did and he always had a smile on his face.

Any advice for young baseball players out there?
My advice to younger players out there is to put in the necessary work in during the off-season. Make sure your mind and body is prepared for the grind of the college season.

Who do you think has the best chance to win the World Series and why?

I’m going to think outside of the box on the World Series question – I think the Washington Nationals have as good a chance as anyone with the best starting rotation in the MLB. Once they get Michael Morse and Jason Werth back the lineup should improve and they get Drew Storen back to close games. I like their chances.

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