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Published On: April 14th, 2014

This week with Monday Musings we talked to former Buck, Jason Hockemeyer.  He attended Evansville University which is located in Southern Indiana, majoring in Exercise Science Pre-PT.  Here are 5 interesting facts about him. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

1. How did you get involved with playing baseball?

I became involved with ball through the great encouragement from my Father.  Growing up I always played baseball every summer and through grade school.  I grew into a competitive player and became more determined on wanting to play ball at the division 1 college level.

2. What made you want to play for the Bucks?

I was always eager to play in the Northwoods league since it has great competition and experience.  Truthfully, my college coach set me up to get on the roster for the Bucks and once I got that notion I was very excited to head out to Iowa to play for the Bucks!    

3. Who was an athlete you admired growing up and why?

An athlete I always admired was Robinson Cano.  Particularly I always hated the Yankees since I am from Michigan and a Tigers fan, but I admired him because I loved watching how he played.  I would view video clips of his swing and try to make adjustments to mine hoping to improve my baseball skills as well.

4.  What was your most memorable moment playing baseball?

Truthfully, my greatest moment that I realize now that I am done with college baseball is being with the team in general.  Every day I think about the great times of being with not only your teammates, but your greatest of friends.  And if I really had to pick a great moment while playing in an actual game, it would be hitting a home run on Mother's Day for my grandma, who was battling breast cancer at the time and could not make it to the game, on the Saturday game of the weekend series against Illinois State to take the lead.

5. Who was a player you learned a lot from?

A player I learned a lot from is Kevin Kaczmarski.  Him and I were teammates at Evansville and also we went to Waterloo together for the summer too.  Kevin is a great player and an even better friend.  We both challenged each other daily on and off the field.