Monday Musings: 5 Questions With the Bucks

 This week with Monday Musings we talked to former Bucks Coach, Miles Miller.  He coached for the Bucks in 2012.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

1.  How did you get involved with coaching baseball?
I have been coaching college baseball since 2010.  During my summer in Waterloo I coached former Buck and current Butler starting pitcher Kyle Kramp.  At the end of the Bucks season that summer I got the pitching coach job at Butler University and have held that position since then, so I am now in my second season with the Butler Bulldogs.
2.  What made you want to coach for the Bucks?
I had coached in both the ACBL and NECBL the summers prior to coming to Waterloo and had always heard great things about the Northwoods League atmosphere.  I knew the Northwoods League was known for great baseball atmosphere and wanted to experience that while also gaining valuable experience and exposure.
3.  Who was an athlete you admired growing up?
I grew up watching Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter play so they come to mind right away.  On the coaching side I really like Joe Maddon, Terry Francona, and Mike Matheny right now.  Before he retired, I always respected Joe Torre's ability to manage the spotlight and pressure that came with the Yankees. 
4.  What was your most memorable moment coaching baseball?
The way our season ended last spring at Butler was heartbreaking.  I felt like we had come such a long way and it was a very special group of guys with a lot of seniors playing their last games.  To have it end in the 9th inning on the last day of the season was very difficult and stayed with me. 
5. If you could change one thing about baseball what would it be?
I would like to see college baseball find a way to play more games in warm weather.  Starting the season in February is very tough on the cold weather schools trying to be competitive early in the year.