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Published On: May 5th, 2014

This week with Monday Musings we talked with former Buck Ryan Doty.  Ryan attended Wartburg College and majored in Fitness Management. Here are five interesting facts about him. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

1. How did you get involved with playing baseball?
I've been around baseball since I was born. Growing up my dad played baseball for town teams and I would go to all his games. I started playing organized baseball when I was 4 years old.
2. What made you want to play for the Bucks?
I wanted to play for the Bucks for the great experience in a great college wood bat league. I have had teammates play for the Bucks in the past and they all said the experience was great.  I also wanted to play because I just love playing the game of baseball.
3. Who was an athlete you admired growing up and why?
There were a couple of athletes I admired growing up and they were Derek Jeter and Greg Maddux. I admired Derek Jeter because I loved watching him play the game. No matter how big of a star he was or the money he made he always played the game as hard as he could and with Greg Maddux he didn't throw hard but watching him pitch and just make hitters uncomfortable was great. 
4. What was your most memorable moment playing baseball?
My most memorable moment was when we won the regular season conference title as well as the conference tournament title at Wartburg. 
5. Who was a player you learned a lot from?
I learned a lot from my dad when he played and coached me. But I have learned a lot from the players I have played with.