General Admission Tickets:  $9.00

General Admission seating at Carson Park is located behind the first and third base dugouts. Seating is not reserved and first come, first serve. General Admission seating areas are not covered and all tickets and vouchers may be upgraded to another area of the ballpark.

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Reserved Grandstand Tickets:  $11.00

Reserved Grandstand seating at Carson Park is located under the roof of the grandstand. You must have a reserved ticket to sit in this section, complete with bleacher back seats. These tickets may also be upgraded to another area of the ballpark.

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Reserved Box Tickets:  $14.00

Reserved Box seating at Carson Park includes the first four rows behind the backstop netting. This seating area includes an individual bucket seat, great view of the game and waitstaff to take care of your food and beverage needs throughout the game. Box seats may be upgraded to Fan Deck tickets if desired. This seating area is also not covered by the grandstand roof.

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Fan Deck Tickets:  $28.00

Fan Deck seating at Carson Park is located in the right field area of the ballpark. With purchase of your Fan Deck ticket, you will receive unlimited food and Coca-Cola products through the entirety of the game. Food options include a a variety of grilled ballpark fare. Each ticket holder age 21 and over receives four domestic beer tickets (premium $1/drink upcharge). Additional alcoholic beverages can be purchased for $1 apiece. Seating is all general admission and available on a first come, first serve basis. Available seating on the Fan Deck is approximately 250. Capacity for ticket sales on the Fan Deck is 500.

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100 Ways to Use your Express Tickets:

Client Entertainment

1.    Invite a loyal customer as a thank you

2.    Take a new client as a thank you for doing business with you

3.    Take a potential client as a way relationship builder

4.    Invite a client that you don’t know very well to develop your relationship

5.    Take a small client as a way to enhance your partnership

6.    Reward someone that gave you a referral

7.    Give to a client so they can treat one of their customers

8.    Reward a customer that makes timely payments

9.    Offer to a client that had a bad experience with your company

10.   Use as a networking tool

11.   Give tickets to outside training services

12.   Thank a customer who praised your company

13.   Offer your tickets to a service company who has taken care of you

14.   Give to your HR department for performance rewards

Employee Rewards

15.   Reward an employee for above average work

16.   Use for employee drawings

17.   Give away as an “Employee of the Week” award

18.   Use as a reward for hitting a goal

19.   Reward 100% attendance

20.   Use as a benefit at a positive performance review

21.   Give to an employee with above average punctuality

22.   Reward an employee that works a weekend event

23.   Show your appreciation for an intern

24.   Welcome a new employee to the company with tickets

25.   Give to an employee that appears over stressed  so they have a night to relax

26.   Use as a department-wide outing

27.   Give to an employee that put in extra evening hours

28.   Reward an employee that has a positive attitude at the office

29.   Give to an employee that doesn’t make commission for a big sale

30.   Give to a manager whose department exceeded its goal

31.   Reward a font-line employee that satisfied an angry customer

32.   Give to a prospective employee

33.   Use as an employee birthday present

34.   Say thank you to an outgoing or retiring employee

35.   Reward the employee that worked the most overtime

36.   Give to the department that exceeded their weekly quota

37.   Give to the salesperson that scheduled the most meetings last week

38.   Reward the employee that up-sold a big account

39.   Give to the employee that generates the most new business

40.   Reward the person making the most cold calls in a day

41.   Package them in with a product to promote sales

42.   Give to the winner of a sales contest

43.   Help part-time workers feel more included in the organization

44.   Reward employees for an accident-free work environment

45.   Congratulate an employee on a promotion

46.   Give to your office cleaning crew as a thank you

47.   Reward a consistently accurate employee

48.   Give to your clerical staff as a thank you

49.   Give to your security guards

50.   Give to your assistant so he/she can take the family

51.   Reward an employee that receives a service recognition from a customer

52.   Get to know a co-worker outside the office

53.   Give to an employee that has been sick as a “get well soon” gift

54.   Give to your customer service department as an appreciation for maintaining a good relationship with your customers

55.   Reward an employee that came up with a savings suggestion

56.   Give it to a co-worker to whom you owe a favor

57.   Give to the employee with the highest account renewal rate

Community Involvement

58.   Thank volunteers for their time

59.   Donate tickets to your church

60.   Give to charity and use as a tax write-off

61.   Reward a good Samaritan

62.   Give tickets to a representative on a local school board

63.   Use as raffle prizes

64.   Give to members of a community organization (Lion’s Club, Kiwanis, Rotary, etc.)

65.   Give to a youth sports organization

66.   Give to a non-profit organization to give the tickets to someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy a game

67.   Distribute to a children’s charity such as Big Brothers Big Sisters or the Boys and Girls Club

68.   Use for trade opportunities

69.   Donate to patients at a local hospital

70.   Donate around the holidays to organizations providing gifts for less fortunate children

71.   Use as giveaways at community events that your company appears at

Personal Use

72.   Reward yourself for a career milestone

73.   Give to your child’s teacher as a thank you

74.   Give tickets to your mechanic, doctor, etc.

75.   Offer to your accountant after tax season

76.   Give tickets to your child’s coach

77.   Use as a date night for you and your significant other

78.   Give to your parents for a fun night out

79.   Give to your children for some quality time together

80.   Invite a friend as a way to catch up

81.   Bring your brother/sister to a game

82.   Give as a wedding gift

83.   Use as stocking stuffers

84.   Give as a graduation present

85.   Treat a friend on their birthday

86.   Welcome a new neighbor

87.   Use as a thank you to a neighbor that mowed your lawn while you were out of town

88.   Give to a neighbor that let your dog out while you were gone

89.   Use as an extra incentive for house-sitting

90.   Give to the neighbor that plowed the snow from your driveway

91.   Give to a friend going through a tough time as a way to “get away” for a night

92.   Offer to your babysitter

93.   Give to restaurants that you frequent with clients

94.   Use them for your child’s birthday party

95.   Take one of your kids for some one-on-one time

96.   Give as an incentive to quit a bad habit

97.   Propose at an Express game

98.   Meet a blind date at the seats

99.   Reward you children for good grades

100.  Use tickets as a way to spend quality time with the whole family

box  Reserved Box


rg  Reserved Grandstand


ga  General Admission


deck  Fan Deck

seating map