The Eau Claire Express have a strong tradition of charitable giving and supporting non-profit organizations that seek to enhance the community around us.

The Eau Claire Express focuses the majority of our contributions on the following areas:

Individuals or Families in Crisis

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for all citizens. We believe all persons should have access to quality health care, affordable housing, food, and needed social services. We provide support to community-based organizations which, through collaborative efforts, address social and economic needs of targeted populations.

Advancement of Baseball in Area Communities

Our mission is to support the advancement of baseball by providing assistance in the development and maintenance of baseball programs in communities that support Express baseball. To that end, we will provide support for youth, high school, and American Legion programs whose functions are to develop and promote baseball in their respective communities.


Our mission is to support education and promote life-long learning. To that end, we will provide support to elementary and secondary schools for special programs that meet the Eau Claire Express objectives.

Community Development

Our mission is to support community development by enhancing the capability of individuals to work together to identify, prioritize, and address community problems. To that end, we will provide support to civic and social organizations whose functions are to enhance the quality of life for area citizens and provide support for special projects or initiatives that are community-based and involve a collaborative effort.
Guidelines that govern all contributions made by the Eau Claire Express include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Contributions can be made to qualified charitable organizations that are designated as tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3), educational institutions, or government agencies.
  • Contributions will be given to communities that support Express baseball, communities targeted for sales and marketing opportunities for Express baseball, and communities in which Express baseball employees live
  • National organizations will have a low priority
  • Direct dollar contributions will not be provided
  • Contributions will not be made to religious organizations for religious purposes, to individuals, or to political or lobbying organizations
  • The Eau Claire Express has the authority to deny requests as it deems necessary
  • Programs that fall under one of the four categories above and meet our guidelines are supported by the Express through: Ticket Donations, Apparel Donations, Volunteering of Express employees and mascots

Donation Request Form

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