The new home for the Virtual Game-Day Program: Express Virtual Program!

The go-to source for all information on the Eau Claire Express players, promotions, and statistics is the Virtual Game-Day Program. Programs are updated for each home game with updated rosters, player information, promotions, team statistics, and league information.

The Virtual Game-Day Program can also be viewed on all mobile devices. Simply go to Express Virtual Program. This will allow you to view the program on your device while at Carson Park during each game.

The Virtual Game-Day Program is FREE of charge to all fans. If you are looking for simple rosters and statistics, the Express will provide FREE team information at all home games at the Satellite Six Fan Information Desk while supplies last.

Archived Virtual Game-Day Programs

08-13-2022 vs. Rochester Honkers

08-07-2022 vs. Minnesota Mud Puppies

08-06-2022 vs. Minnesota Mud Puppies

08-05-2022 vs. Bismarck Larks

08-04-2022 vs. Bismarck Larks

08-03-2022 vs. Waterloo Bucks

08-01-2022 vs. Waterloo Bucks

07-29-2022 vs. Willmar Stingers

07-28-2022 vs. Willmar Stingers

07-23-2022 vs. Rochester Honkers

07-21-2022 vs. La Crosse Loggers

07-15-2022 vs. St. Cloud Rox

07-14-2022 vs. St. Cloud Rox

07-13-2022 vs. Duluth Huskies

07-12-2022 vs. Duluth Huskies

07-07-2022 vs. Mankato MoonDogs

07-06-2022 vs. Mankato MoonDogs

07-04-2022 vs. St. Cloud Rox

07-03-2022 vs. St. Cloud Rox

06-28-2022 vs. Willmar Stingers

06-27-2022 vs. Willmar Stingers

06-25-2022 vs. La Crosse Loggers

06-24-2022 vs. Rochester Honkers

06-23-2022 vs. Rochester Honkers

06-17-2022 vs. La Crosse Loggers

06-16-2022 vs. Duluth Huskies

06-15-2022 vs. Bismarck Larks

06-14-2022 vs. Bismarck Larks

06-13-2022 vs. Mankato MoonDogs

06-12-2022 vs. Mankato MoonDogs

06-09-2022 vs. Minnesota Mud Puppies

06-08-2022 vs. Minnesota Mud Puppies

06-04-2022 vs. Waterloo Bucks

06-03-2022 vs. Waterloo Bucks

05-30-2022 vs. La Crosse Loggers