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Published On: November 24th, 2014

This winter, the Express will be counting down the Top 10 moments/highlights of the 2014 season. We continue our countdown today with the #9 moment of the 2014 Express Season.


#9: Drew Turbin Steals Home


Perhaps one of the greatest base stealers of all-time was Ty Cobb. He ended his career officially with 892 stolen bases and was well known for his ruthlessness when digging for an extra base. The Georgia Peach was notorious on the base paths and of the 892 times he stole a base, 50 of those stolen bases were stolen plates as he was able to fool pitchers with his speed stealing home a record 50 times.


This summer, an Idaho native, let’s call him the “Idaho Spud,” Drew Turbin, relived a little Cobb magic at Carson Park when he stole home off of Kurt Yinger of the Willmar Stingers.


After tripling to lead off the third inning of one of the final games of the year August 7th, Turbin, with two outs in the bottom of the third of a close ballgame, took off for home. He made a spectacular slide around the Stinger catcher and gave everyone at Carson Park something to buzz about for the rest of the night. After the game, Manager Dale Varsho praised Turbin for reading the situation and taking off on a perfect count and pitch. It was certainly a memorable moment for the 2,448 fans at Carson Park that day.


While Turbin may not have had 50 stolen home plates this season like the great Ty Cobb, Turbin’s hustle and determination were a site to behold this season for the Express. Turbin never gave less than 100% and no play epitomized that effort like his steal of home in one of the final games of the season in 2014.

Drew Turbin Steals Home


Stay tuned for moment #8 of the Top Ten Eau Claire Express 2014 season moments countdown.