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Published On: January 16th, 2015

Top Ten Moments Countdown: # 4: Local Players Impress all Season

There is perhaps no greater thrill for any athlete than to play their sport at the highest possible level in their local market. Cal Ripkin Jr., Joe Mauer, and Tony Gwynn are just a couple of examples of players who were able to, or have been able to, play the majority or their baseball careers in front of their hometown fans.

That same dream came true for many local Eau Claire baseball products, who got to don the orange and black during the 2014 season. These players included Tyler Hermann (Eau Claire North, 2011), Brady Burzynski (Eau Claire Memorial, 2012), Sam Hurt (Eau Claire North, 2013), Dalton Roach (Eau Claire Memorial, 2014), Andy Davis (Chippewa Falls McDonnell, 2010), and Justin Jaquish (Chi-Hi, 2011). These local players were vital to the success of the Express during the 2014 season as they impressed fans and scouts with their skills on the field.

Tyler Hermann was named a NWL All-Star, represented the North Division in the All-Star Home Run Derby, and was named to the NWL Showcase team at the end of the season.

Brady Burzynski was tied for first on the team in stolen bases, was second on the team in bases on balls, and third on the team in runs scored.

Sam Hurt joined the Express late in the 2014 season. In only three games, he went 7 for 12, scored four runs, and hit two doubles.

Dalton Roach was another late addition to the 2014 Express, but in 2.0 innings pitched struck out three batters and topped the speed gun in the low 90s.

Andy Davis had many great highlights during the 2014 season. His best came on June 11th when he was named NWL Pitcher of the Night when he pitched seven scoreless innings giving up four hits and striking out six in a 2-1 victory at Duluth.

Justin Jaquish was impressive in his early season run with the Express, posting a 3.36 ERA in 10.2 innings pitched.

Congratulations to all of the local 2014 Express players who, in their contributions to the Express, collectively make the #4 moment of the 2014 Express season.

Check back next week as we unveil Moment #3 in the Top Ten Moments of the Express 2014 Season Countdown.