The Rockers introduced fans to team mascot, Rhodie, at a First Pitch event on March 9, 2022. For those less familiar with the entertainment industry, the road crew, or roadies, are support staff who travel with a band on tour, usually handling every part of the concert productions except for actually performing music with the band. Rhodie’s story was simple: He always wanted to be a performer but ended up ALWAYS getting stuck as a roadie, lugging instrument cases and doing the hard work—UNTIL NOW! At each Rockers home game and in the community, Rhodie will have an opportunity to showcase his talents when he takes stage every game day or performs at any community event while living out his dream!

That said, in addition to Rockers home games, Rhodie will be happy to make appearances in the community throughout the year. There is no appearance fee for non-profit organizations, however there is a $25 appearance fee for all other requests.

Mascot Appearance