Five questions with former Bucks All-Star Michael Giller.

1.  What singer would you like to be a roadie for?

I wouldn’t mind listening to anything from Nickelback to Brad Paisley for an extended amount of time

2.  What is the best play that someone has made on a ball that you hit?

A teammate of mine on the Illini made a great play on me in the gap robbing me of a triple last year.

3.  What person are you dying to get into the ring with?

I would love to get in the ring with (former Bucks pitcher) Chris Pack and finally settle our score.

4.  What spa treatment are you dying to get?

I guess a massage but that kind of stuff doesn't really interest me.  5.  If the TV is on at two in the morning, what are you watching?  Either a movie if I wasn't out and about or Sportscenter if I was to see what I missed.