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Published On: December 28th, 2009

Five questions with Bucks Assistant General Manager Aaron Rustad

1.  What is  one thing that makes you want to scream?

         – Spiders. I cant stand those eight legged creatures. It probably stems from watching the movie Arachnophobia back in the day.

2.  Who is the least mobile  quarterback in the NFL?

         – Aaron Rodgers has been sacked the most thus far but I put most of the blame on his offensive line. My vote would go to Jake Delhomme as it seemed like he was just getting drilled back there.

3.  What hobbies do you have?

         – Most of my hobbies revolve around sports. Playing, attending, and collecting sports memorabilia.

4.  Did you play any sports in high school or college?

         – In high school I played Baseball, Basketball, and ran Track. My first year at UNI I was on the track team but ended up pulling my hamstring during the second indoor meet of the year and never really came back from that.

5.  What song pumps you up?

         – Tough question as there are soo many songs that I enjoy listening too but I will give my vote to Nirvana – Drain You at this time.