Catching up With The Bucks

Catching up With Former Waterloo Buck Tony Roth.

Tony Roth played for the Waterloo Bucks in the year 2004 during his time with the Creighton Bluejays. Tony was born in Omaha, Nebraska (6’0" and 175lbs) and played for Westside High School.  Tony was stationed in the infield, winning the Missouri Valley Conference All-Star 2B award in 2004 and 2005. 

\"\"Tony’s numbers for his one season with the Bucks we’re pretty good.  In the 22 games he played, Tony had a 0.295 batting average in 78 at bats, 6 doubles, 1 home run, 11 runs batted in, and 4 stolen bases. 

Tony continued to play for Creighton for one more year before getting the opportunity to play in the minors.  He was signed by the New York Yankees as an Undrafted Free Agent in 2005.  As a minor leaguer, Tony played for a few different minor league affiliates for the Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays, and Texas.   He finished up his career with the Southern Illinois Frontier League after winning an All-star award for SS.  

Tony’s numbers for his Minor League career were extremely similar to his time with the Bucks.  He played in 126 games and batted 0.223 in 319 at bats with 15 doubles, 1 triple, 3 home runs, 25 runs batted in, and 55 walks.  

It was a good run by Tony in the Minors to try and get to the ‘show’ but it just wasn’t in his cards.  He will always be remembered as a Waterloo Buck and we wish him the best in his future endeavors. 

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