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Published On: February 6th, 2012

5 Questions with former Buck John
 Fagan presented by MaidPro.

(1) What college did you attend?

San Jose State 


\"\"(2) What have you been up to since your time with the Waterloo Bucks? 

I played 6 seasons with the Houston Astros Organization. We have a family business, Dicar Networks, which is an IT Company started by my father-in-law in San Jose, and last August I started my own real estate company, Superior Realty Partners aimed at helping professional athletes, business owners and executives buy, sell and invest in real estate. Most of all though, I’ve been married to my amazing wife for 4 1/2 years and have 2 boys. 

(3)Who did you root for last night during the Super Bowl?
I was neutral in the Super Bowl since the 49ers were knocked out, just wanted to see a good game.

(4) Do you have any words of advice for the youngsters?

Practice, Practice, Practice, don’t let anyone you can’t do something or you can’t make it to the next level, and hitters: use the whole field.

(5) What was your favorite memory while playing for the Bucks?

I have a lot of good "on the field" memories including the playoffs, but my favorite memories are the people and fans. I was fortunate to live with the Gress’ both summers, and am still close with them today.