MaidPro Mondays Musings- 5 Questions With The Bucks

 5 Questions with former Buck Andrew Plotkin presented by MaidPro.   

(1) Where did you go to college?
I went to Northwestern State University of Louisiana

(2) What have you been up to since playing for the Bucks?
Since playing for the bucks, I’ve continued playing baseball. I’m entering my second season of indy baseball. I’ll be playing with the Alpine Cowboys.

(3) With the baseball season around the corner, who do you think is going to win the World Series?
 I want the Padres to win the World Series, but they’d need a miracle to pull that of, so realistically I think the Angels will win it all. 

(4) Do you have any words of advice for the youngsters?
Some words of advice, that have really helped me, are stay positive and believe in yourself no matter what happens or what is said. You can’t achieve anything without believing you can do it first. 

(5) What was your favorite memory while playing for the Bucks?
My favorite memory while playing with the Bucks was hanging out with my two friends, Lenny Linsky and CJ Rose. They kept it fun despite the team losing a bunch of games.