I Hired Elves!

I Hired Elves

You just can’t imagine what these elves come up with.

By Andy Neborak

CFO / Part-Owner, Eau Claire Express

Why in the world do I hire elves for a baseball team?

Well, you may be struggling to come up with the right gift for a baseball fan that you know. My elves can help.

For instance, when the elves and I sat down to talk about this holiday season, the elves had some strong opinions.

“Less games,” one elf, the plump one, said. “That’s what families want.”

“Yes, make it easy for families,” said another elf, the one that’s always smiling.

“Give them lots of free stuff,” said the elf that did cartwheels when trying to make a point.

So the elves and I created a ticket package for busy families. This may work for you. Here’s what you get.

1. Just Five Games. That’s only one or two a month for the summer when school is out. There are even two plans to choose from. One that includes mostly weekend games and another that includes mostly weekday games.

2. All-You-Can-Eat. At every 5-Game Pack night, you’ll get all of the hot dogs, cheeseburgers, brats, sides, soda, and water that you want. Everything comes with the ticket. There’s even an express line behind the 1st base bleachers dedicated just to the 5-Game Pack ticket holder. This means no waiting in line!

3. FREE Gifts. We like to give our fans special items and experiences, so for every 5-Game Pack, you get that too. You’ll get: A free Express jersey, a Hank Aaron bobblehead and an opportunity to take pre-game batting practice

4. The Best Promotional Nights. Entertainment acts, giveaways, and fireworks, (including the earliest and best way to reserve seats for the Fourth of July).

5. Highly Affordable. Just $14 per game. The cost per 5-Game Pack is just $70. The value is over $230! We have a limited amount of the elf-created 5-Game Packs available, so I would recommend that you order today.

Reserve your Kwik Trip 5-Game Pack today by calling 715-839-7788 or visit our website at to order online. You’ll make my elves happy. You’ll give an amazing gift. And you’ll make yourself happy next summer when you’re having fun at Express games.