Clark Is Thankful for 5 Things

Clark said he is thankful for…

  1. Turkeys. They are much tastier than Larks.
  2. My job. Without the Larks, I’d be digging for worms with the rest of the birds.
  3. Sold out games. There’s nothing else quite like the energy of a full home crowd.
  4. My closet. I am always dressed in style.
  5. You! Awesome Larks fans! You are a part of my family and I can’t wait to see you again at the ballpark.

We should all take a moment to think about the things that mean something to us. Spending time with my friends and family is what makes me happy, and baseball is the perfect activity to share.

Speaking of sharing, I’d love to share these things with you! There are some crazy Black Friday deals coming up in my closet and make sure you come to some Larks games, I’d love to see you next season. From now until Christmas, our Scheels 7 Game Packs even come with a FREE jersey!

Check out our Scheels 7 Game Packs:

  1. Free All-You-Can-Eat for 3 innings. We know a huge cost in taking the family out anywhere is food, so we decided to include it for FREE along with soda and water in all of our packages.
  2. This perk is a fan favorite. We know your schedule in the summer can be hectic, which is why our NO TICKET GOES WASTED POLCIY is so beneficial. Can’t make a game in your package? No problem. Rather go to 5 games than 7? We can help you. Stop in our Front Office or call beforehand and swap out for a different one, absolutely free.
  3. 7 Best Games of the Year. The Larks sold out 30 of 36 home games last season. We expect to sell them all out next season. Most of our best games will have no tickets available for sale online or at the game. By purchasing the package in advance, you are guaranteed tickets to these nights.
  4. FREE JERSEY for Christmas. That’s right. Not only will you receive a FREE Larks jersey for under the tree, but you will also receive 5 more gifts during the summer including a hat, bobblehead, and more.
  5. Highly Affordable. The best part of all of this, the price. A Scheels 7 Pack bleacher plan starts at only $16/ticket. That’s only $112 for the whole package! You can upgrade to box seats which include a back, arm rest, and cupholder for only $4 additional per ticket ($140 total). Need a flexible payment plan? No problem. All the Larks need to reserve your package is 25% down, and the rest is broken down into 3 easy monthly payments.

The only problem with this package is availability. Last season the Larks SOLD OUT of box seats. This season, we will be opening up roughly 600 additional box seats for this package. To guarantee your seats to the best games in 2019 call Cody at 701-557-7600 or

Most importantly, if you have to eat a bird today, make sure it’s a turkey!