There are 365 days in a year.
24 hours in a day.
60 minutes in an hour.

In a single minute, fans like YOU can make miracles happen at the ballpark. A mere 60 seconds can make a positive impact on individuals, families and our community.

Each season, the Larks and First International Bank and Trust partner with local non-profits for a MIRACLE MINUTE during the first inning of every game. The featured non-profit of the night has 60 seconds to speed through the stadium in a dash to collect cash from fans.

All the money raised during the Miracle Minute goes to the non-profit of the night to assist them in achieving their mission in our community.

In one minute, our fans’ generosity has helped more than 50 non-profits.

Interested in being a Miracle Minute non-profit?

Contact Andrew Kohler at andrew@larksbaseball.com