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Larks Reading Program


Be a bookworm. Be part of the Larks Reading Program.

The Larks and Farmers Union Insurance believe in the importance of building impactful programs in our community. Together we have implemented the Larks Reading Program to help children of all ages hit their reading goals, one base at a time!

The Larks Reading Program provides students with incentives and prizes when they hit a single, double, triple and home run.

Teachers set their own goals for their classroom. These goals are based on pages read, books read, time spent reading, etc. If the child hits a home run they receive an out-of-the park experience courtesy of the Larks and Farmers Union Insurance.

For more information or to find out how your student or school can get involved contact: 



2020 Reading Program Sign up

  • Please provide 3 DATES AND TIMES between February 10th -March 6th. The Larks will call to schedule and try to honor the dates requested. NOTE: Must have 80% of School participating in order to receive Assembly*