The Lark’s Community FUNd will provide Triple Play Grants for both teams and individuals. The grants can be used to provide uniforms, equipment, registration, and travel support. The purpose of this program is to make it possible for a team or individual to participate in a sport or event which wouldn’t be possible without help.


For consideration for a grant, the following criteria must be met by your organization or by you individually.

  • Serve or support youth under 18 years old
  • Operate or live in “Larks Country” which includes Bismarck, Mandan, and surrounding communities
  • Without financial support the team or individual would not have access to the athletic opportunity regarding this request or will cause significant financial hardship.
  • The Triple Play Program has two award dates:
    • August 1 (Fall/Winter Sports)
    • February 1 (Spring/Summer Sports)
  • Applications can be submitted for both award dates year-round
  • Executive Director has the discretion to award smaller grants to individuals year-round.
  • The applications must be submitted electronically through the form provided on the website. If you are unable to complete it electronically please contact roxanne@larkscommunityfund.com or stop by the Larks office.
  • If an application is incomplete or missing pertinent information, it may be considered ineligible for review and be declined.
  • Organizations or individuals can only apply and receive funding once in a twelve-month period. 
  • If additional information is needed, the Executive Director may request an in-person/phone interview. 
Consideration for regular grant cycle submission will only be given to funding requests that benefit children for:

  • Uniforms/Equipment
  • Registration Costs
  • Travel Expenses
  • Annual program costs or salaries
  • Operating expenses
  • Fundraising event sponsorship (golf, walk/runs, etc.)
  • Multi-year pledges
  • Reimbursement of already purchased items
  • Your family is not able to provide the necessary equipment for you or your child to participate in a sport such as shoes, skates, etc.
  • Paying the registration fee for a sport will cause your family significant financial hardship.
  • You’re a coach/league that has a player(s) on the team who cannot afford the expenses that are ensured to play on a team. Fundraising efforts by the team would also be a hardship for this player(s).
  • The Larks Community FUNd will accept grant requests that are partially funded by a team/league and additional funds are requested for player(s) who don’t have the means to afford or will cause hardship. Applications can be submitted year-round based on funding, time-sensitive grants can be awarded year-round.