Lark of the Year

Celebrating the 2022 Lark of the Year.
Recognizing players who consistently make an impact on and off the field.

The Lark of the Year award recognizes current Larks players who strive to create fun, friendly, and happy experiences on the field and in the community. Candidates for the Lark of the Year demonstrate a commitment to entertainment, fans and athletic excellence. Players are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Performer Personality
    • Player actively participates in on-field activities, community events, and appearances and embodies the Larks mission of using FUN to make a difference
  • Exemplary Character
    • Player showcases a high level of sportsmanship on and off the field
  • Athletic Excellence
    • Player performs consistently on the field, both in terms of results and 110% effort

What does the Lark of the Year receive?

  • A NIL agreement with the Larks*
  • Recognition at the Larks game on August 6
  • The official Lark of the Year trophy

*The Larks and the winning player will create a Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) agreement together in accordance with all state laws and school/conference rules for the student-athletes program.

Click here to learn more about what an NIL agreement is and how it benefits the student athlete as implemented by the NCAA in 2021.

You voted for your favorite Larks player.

Did a Larks player positively impact you, your family or someone you know? Did they go above and beyond to make your experience memorable? You voted to recognize their outstanding efforts.

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  • The Lark of the Year Recognition is scheduled for Saturday, August 6th.

The Candidates:



2022 Lark of the Homestand

This season the Larks recognized one Larks player following each homestand for their efforts on the field, in the stands and in the community. The Lark of the Homestand received recognition at a Larks home game and the official Lark of the Homestand trophy.

Congrats to this season’s Larks of the Homestand: Dylan Perry, Zen Hiatt, Julio Romero, Garrett Yawn and Kaiden Cardoso.