Utility safety with a side of excitement!

Brining awareness to the dangers of underground utility lines through digging-up fun.

Don’t miss your chance to shovel cash at the ballpark!

303 W. Front Ave.

Need to Knows

Always call before you dig.

What is North Dakota 811?

North Dakota 811 is a vital safety service, ensuring that residents and contractors contact before digging to prevent damage to underground utilities. This free, easy-to-use system helps locate electrical, gas, and water lines, promoting safe excavation and legal compliance statewide. Call 811 or submit a request online.

Rules of the game

How do I play?

At every Larks game North Dakota One Call (811) will help us hide (4) golden tickets in programs. If you are the lucky finder of this golden ticket, bring it to the Mann Signs sign-up table and you will be entered to win (1) of (5) spots to attend 811 day at the ballpark and compete to dig for $1,111 in cash. (Winners will be selected after the July 31st game). Not attending a game? No worries! Fill out the form below. 

Dig for Cash Game

I have a golden ticket! Now what?

Fans that receive the free tickets for the August 10th game will compete in a series of on-field games. The skilled finalist of the on-field games is going to have the chance to frantically shovel as much gas as they can. That means someone has the potential to win $1,111 cash!

Get your Golden Ticket– Grab some popcorn at a game, or sign up below!

2024 Dig 4 Cash

Must be a North Dakota address per state law.