Who will you choose as the tastiest donut in town?

Like peanut butter and jelly, the Larks and Bearscat Bakehouse are teaming up once again to form the dynamic duo that brings you the Larks Donut of the Year! Each season, Bearscat Bakehouse mixes up four NEW, delicious donut recipes in hopes of creating the perfect donut for Larks fans. Unique and delicious they will all certainly be, only one can claim the title of THE Larks Donut of the Year.

The 2022 Donut of the Year contestants are carefully reviewed and developed to be a unique work of art on the canvas that is the Bearscat menu. All variants of ice cream-themed flavors, these donuts make for the perfect treat to get yourself attuned to the summer weather. 

Fans must VOTE for the donut that they most desire to survive. When trying these scrumptious snacks at our local Bearscat Bakehouse locations, let them know you like your treat by placing a cheerio in the corresponding jar. That will let our friends at Bearscat know that you are a fan of that particular donut. Happy tasting!



How do you vote for your favorite donut?
Each week, fans had the chance to try out a different contending donut and then have their voice heard voting on the Larks Donut of the Year. Fans voted by placing a Cheerio in the jar of their favorite flavor.

When will the donut flavors be available at Bearscat Bakehouse?

A new donut was available for purchase each week, starting Monday, May 2 with the Rocky Rookie (date subject to change). The last donut will be available until Saturday, May 28.

When will the winning donut be announced?

The winning donut will be announced during the game on National Donut Day at the ballpark on Friday, June 3. The winning donut will be available ONLY during the 2022 season at Bearscat Bakehouse locations in Bismarck and Mandan.

The Larks will wear special donut and baseball-themed jerseys during the game to honor the Donut of the Year tradition. Jerseys will be auctioned off during the game and proceeds will support a local non-profit!