Eide Ford Car Wash


Get In. Get Clean. Give Back.

We had our FIRST ever car wash at the ballpark! Together with our friends at Eide Ford and Eide Chrysler, we made it our mission to scrub, wash, rinse and dry as many cars as we could on Friday, July 3rd from 10-3 pm at Bismarck Municipal Ballpark.

It’s was the ultimate car wash party! Cars weaved their way through the parking lot as Clark, Merifeather, and the Larks, Bull Moose and Flickertails players CLEANED CARS.

This was a car wash experience you didn’t want to miss!

Does It Cost?
Donate. Donate. Donate.

  • The car wash was free, but free will donations were encouraged.
  • All donations benefited Bismarck Public Schools
  • Plus when people donated, Eide Ford and Eide Chrysler DOUBLE MATCHED the donations!
    For example, if you $20 was donated – Eide will donated $40.

How did it work?

  • All cars will entered the ballpark parking lot from Hannifan Street. They could access Hannifan directly off of Front Street.
  • When cars entered the parking lot, our team of professional car washers directed them through Bismarck-Mandan’s most FUN car wash in town.
  • All cars exited the parking lot near the front entrance of the ballpark on Sweet Avenue.
  • Check out the map below: