Fun for the Whole Family: How the Bismarck Larks took over our family’s house, summer, and hearts

Fun for the Whole Family

How the Bismarck Larks took over our family’s house, summer, and hearts

By Darcy VerDouw – Happy Mother and Larks 7 Pack Holder

As a mother of three kids under 10, I’m always looking for easy ways to entertain my family – especially with something they can all agree on! If I can then combine fun and dinner all in one place, then that is definitely a win in my book. I’m sure you can relate.

So, when my husband Brian and I first heard of the Bismarck Larks coming to town, we were excited! Having an opportunity to now watch baseball here in Bismarck, at a beautiful outdoor ballpark, felt like a dream – but would we all enjoy it? I was willing to try it out and take that chance.

For us, season tickets would have been too many games and unaffordable.  But, the Larks made it a super easy decision when they introduced their Scheels 7 Game Pack.


The 7 Game Pack gave us a ticket to seven of the Larks best games, which ended up working out perfect for our schedule. And by best games, I mean these were the ones that our kids are still talking about.


Our first game of the season was the Larks home opener. Just imagine a sold-out crowd, great energy in the ballpark, and a Larks win in the bottom of the 9th! Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, three columns of fireworks shot up from the field for one of the best shows we’ve ever seen. It was like the perfect ending to a great movie.

For our second game, the Larks brought in an America’s Got Talent entertainer named Mad Chad the Chainsaw Juggler. You get the idea. Our son Charlie still says this was his favorite part of the summer (we think he forgot about the actual baseball).

On top of the big entertainment acts and fireworks, the Larks fill every game with numerous on-field activities for the kids. Our daughter Madeline got to meet Miss America and then yelled “Playball!” into the microphone to start the game. And our youngest, Nolan, loved the 7th inning stretch where all the kids get to run around the field during the game.

When our children would get antsy in their seats, we’d walk them over to the YMCA Family Fun Zone which included a zip line, bounce house, and more.

Towards the end of the season, our 6-year-old began his quest for hunting down just about every foul ball that entered the stands. I’ll never forget when he came back with his first ball after several empty attempts.  Our whole section, who became our Larks family over the summer, gave him a big ovation.  He had each ball autographed by Larks players after the game.


The other area of concern with purchasing any package is the flexibility. Our summer is jam packed with camps, youth sports, and trips to see relatives. When we got our plan, one date didn’t work for us. The Larks however made it super easy with their Ticket Exchange Program. We could change out any ticket in our plan for a different game, free of charge.


And finally, as all families are aware, when you’re taking out a group of five on the town, costs can add up quickly. Not with the 7 Pack though. It might be the greatest deal for a family we’ve ever seen.

It included a ticket to 7 of the best games, all you can eat ballpark food, soda and water for three innings, five gifts including a Larks jersey, hat, and bobblehead, and it was only $16 per ticket. For a family of five, we spent $80 each game and didn’t have to get out our wallets the rest of the night.


Ultimately, if you have a young family, take our word for it and get yourself a Scheels 7 Game Pack. It’s money well spent. And the best part of it all is seeing your children’s faces when they leave the park. From when gates opened to the ride home (if they could stay awake), they loved it. And unbeknownst to them, my husband and I had just as much fun as they did.

We’d love for you to join our family at the ballpark, but you need to act quickly. Last year, the Larks sold out 27 of their 36 games and expect to sell all of them out for 2018. There are a limited number of new Scheels 7 Game Packs still available so get yours before they’re gone. They also make a great stocking stuffer! Call 701-557-7600 or sign up for your pack at

Fill out the form below and a Larks ticket representative will reach out!

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