Lee Greuel is in his fourth season with the Larks and serves as the Creative Marketing & Media Manager. His role is to oversee the Larks communication team and to create stories and tell stories that make a difference. 

With a camera in one hand and a pen in the other, Greuel tries to create content that will make fans laugh, cry, and/or cheer. He works hard to think outside the box to create something that is extraordinary. His goal is to make the audience care for the game, players, and sponsors. He oversees outbound marketing and public relations strategies, social media, video production, the Larks website, press releases, and more.

Greuel has a Master’s degree in business administration and a Bachelor’s degree in mass communication, both from the University of Mary. Greuel is originally from Minot, ND and can be found playing racquetball, singing, or watching football when he’s not working hard at the office, or at home as a Dad. 

Greuel currently also holds the title of being the fastest runner in the Larks front office with no challengers in sight and is a big Green Bay Packers fan.

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