Due to field conditions, the July 8 game has been rescheduled for Saturday, July 13.

We will have two games on Saturday, July 13. One at 2:35pm and the other at 7:35pm.
If you had tickets for tonight, you must bring your ticket to the 2:35pm game to get entry. The first 250 families will get blankets curtesy of American Bank Center.
The 6:05pm game has been moved back an hour to 7:35pm to give extra time for the game 1 audience to clear the stadium.
Both games will be a full 9 innings.
The first game was originally rescheduled for 1:35pm, but it was moved back to 2:35pm to accommodate the players who will be traveling over night.
Rikishi fans! We know that missing the game tonight was a bummer, but Rikishi is so great, he is going to come to the ballpark tomorrow July 9 from 11-1pm to sign autographs and take photos.
You need to show your July 8 ticket to get access to this special event. This is only available to people who have July 8 tickets.


Our rain policy is:

Games are NEVER cancelled more than 2 hours before the game per league rules. On the day of the game, weather forecasts are continuously evaluated at the ballpark and all decisions are made as early as possible. The umpires have the final call on whether the game is cancelled or not.

Fans are welcome to check the status of any game, but if you call more than 2 hours before game time you will receive “the game is still on until further notice”.

In the unfortunate event that a game is cancelled/postponed, it is first posted on our website homepage and through our Facebook and Twitter pages. Area radio and television stations are next to be notified and many include updates in their news breaks.

If a game is cancelled, your game ticket is good for the rescheduled game.


What if a game starts and there is a rain delay?

If it begins raining during a game, there may be a rain delay. Typically the game will restart after the rain shower goes through and food/beverage will still be served during the delay.

If a game is rained out prior to the conclusion of the 5th inning or prior to the gates opening, all tickets will be good for the rescheduled game later that season.

If the rainout occurs 2 hours after the gates have opened but ends before the 5thinning, all Group Areas featuring all-inclusive food/beverage will be considered used in full and can only be redeemed for a bleacher ticket at the rescheduled game.

If the game is shortened due to rain but has been played beyond the required 5 innings to make it a complete game, all tickets will be considered used and will have no value at the ticket office. All promotions, dates, and times subject to change without notice.

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