What happened to America’s pastime?



On the field, it's the same. Off the field, something has changed.

By Nathin Voeller
Marketing Manager
Bismarck Larks 
Past time










What happened to $1 hot dogs and $2 beers?







Don’t let the title alarm you, baseball is still America’s pastime on the field. But if you haven’t noticed, off the field it’s a long way off from the days of old.
The average cost for 4 fans at a Major League Baseball game is now $128.06, according to a GOBankingRates study. This total includes the following costs:
  • Four tickets: $82.82
  • Four hot dogs: $17.46
  • Two beers: $11.89
  • Two ice creams: $11.89
  • Parking: $15.89
Adding souvenirs into the mix, the average family of four is spending in excess of $248.06 for a day at the ballpark. 
MLB Costs
Despite industry norms, the Bismarck Larks are defying trends of high food costs, parking fees and ticket increases with a plan that allows fans an “all in” per person cost of $15 per ticket ($60 family of four cost). Team executives explained their philosophy.
“It’s not a matter of just low balling our prices. Our entire business is built around creating a great value for our fans and an excellent experience at the ballpark," said John Bollinger, Larks General Manager.
The team also owns and operates its own concession business. “By running our food and bev operations, we are eliminating a 3rd party from jacking up the prices and we also control the quality of the food. It’s a win-win,” said John Bollinger, Larks General Manager.
And the market has responded with preseason sales of the popular 7-game packs already surpassing expected targets for the entire year. The Larks goal was to sell 1000 packs by the start of the season. They have already surpased that and in January launched a third plan! But this third is not going to last long. There are only 300 still available.
With the 7-game packs, fans receive:
  • Correct 7 Game Ad Image7 Tickets To Our Most Popular Games: These are guaranteed seats on 7 of our most popular nights.
  • Free Food. All-you-can-eat hot dogs, burgers, brats, chips, potato salad, coleslaw, soda and water until the 3rd inning. The team is also building a 7-pack pavilion for fans to skip general lines.
  • Free Gifts. Team jersey, hat, bobblehead, and two other gifts (TBD) ($57 value)
  • Best dates. Fireworks nights, celebrities, America's Got Talent entertainment acts all on weekend dates.
  • Ticket Exchange Program. Ability to exchange unused tickets to games of your choice.
  • Options: $126 Box, $105 Bleacher

Fans are able to reserve a 7-game pack, by filling out the form below. Fans can also call the front ofice at (701) 557-7600. Seating location will be determined on a first come, first serve basis. Learn more about the 7-game packs by clicking here.