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What is Northwoods League Softball?


Leveraging the 30-year success of the Northwoods League, the first for-profit Summer Collegiate Baseball League, Northwoods League Softball (NWLS) will [...]

What is Northwoods League Softball?2023-05-16T08:17:25-05:00

Who will coach NWLS teams?


Typically, up and coming college coaches and former coaches will coach NWLS teams.

Who will coach NWLS teams?2023-05-16T08:17:00-05:00

Will NWLS games be available via streaming?


All NWLS games will either be streamed or viewed via network delivery using a 4-camera HD production that is available [...]

Will NWLS games be available via streaming?2023-05-16T08:16:36-05:00

Who Can Play Northwoods League Softball?


All athletes that have softball college eligibility remaining.  Select graduated High School players admitted to college will also be eligible [...]

Who Can Play Northwoods League Softball?2023-05-16T08:18:01-05:00
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