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  • Includes everything from start of live event to first pitch. Starts at exactly the right time. Proper use of one :30 commercial using correct commercial as provided by league. Seemless transitions between the open, commercials and live location. Good use of supporting video and graphics. Talent in synch with directors. Audio clean and balanced throughout all parts. No headwear or sunglasses on talent. No logos on clothing other than league or team. Background is appropriate, distraction free, looks like baseball but doesn’t give away the time of the recording.
  • Proper execution of starters and defense graphics, lower thirds and all scoring graphics. Proper execution of due up batters and bump in/out graphics. Directors in sync with talent in and out of commercial breaks. Sound is working on graphics with music. Proper use of leaders and standings graphics. Proper use of the ticker. Credits graphics used when ending the live stream with copyright before going to black for viewers. Video production crew names are accurate.
  • Audio is crisp and clean throughout the game. No stray audio. No significant level changes during game, in commercials, between announcers and crowd and field mic. Levels are managed appropriately for every audio element of the live stream.
  • Audio levels consistent across all commercials and promos. No stray stadium or live sound behind commercials. Formatting and necessary corrections made to commercials well in advance of live stream start. All commercials properly played and cue sheets followed. No out of date commercials played.
  • Highlights uploaded during the inning in which they are captured. Clip is named before second commercial break following capture. Appropriate number of highlights are up-loaded matching the action in the game. At least 10 seconds of B-roll and/or hero shots are included for each highlight. Daily beauty shots included when appropriate.
  • Crew does not require in-game prompting for shots from NWL. Camera work follows plays well. Always takes Camera 2 on every pitch. Always takes Camera 4 after contact. Shot decisions are appropriate. Zooms and camera movement are appropriate and necessary. Camera 2 image is crisp. Camera 2 is properly zoomed and framed. Cameras are properly setup, and technically solid.
  • Video Production Supervisor has Skype app or window open and responds as expected when contacted by NWL administrators. Team adjustments are made as soon as reasonably possible or practical given game circumstances. Responses are appropriate, timely and efficient.
  • Announces strictly for television and avoids “radio announcing”. Overall feel is appropriate to the game. Comments on calls, players, umpires and coaches are positive and appropriate. Pauses are appropriate and allow live stream to breathe. Announcer references video being shown and avoids being overly descriptive. Maintains energy and enthusiasm appropriate to the situation. Announcer knowledge of baseball, the team and league meets expectations.
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