Flashback Friday – Scott Poepard 1994, 1995, 1996 Rochester Honker

Jacob Colwell, a senior at Saint Mary's University (Winona, MN) studying Sports Management, has taken on the challenge of contacting many former Rochester Honkers players and coaches. He wanted to see what they are doing now and some of their favorite memories of playing in Rochester. Below you will enjoy his discoveries as we present……Flashback Fridays!

Scott Poepard – Kansas State
1994, 1995, 1996 Rochester Honker
Wedding Photo of Scott, Wife Brooke, Daughter Kyra

What’s your favorite memory while playing for the Rochester Honkers?
I have so many great memories of playing with the Honkers that it is hard to choose.  I think playing for the town of Rochester and the community was probably the best memory.  That city, the community, and the people of Rochester were so supportive of us and really took great care of us!

What’s your favorite non playing memory from your time with the Rochester Honkers (Host Family, Experience, Bus Ride, etc.)
Van rides home with the Radio Flyer (Eric Peterson), my AMAZING host family and how they took me in like I was one of their own.  I cannot thank the Michael and Barb Sarr family enough!  To this day, they are like my second family!

Who was your favorite teammate when you played for the Rochester Honkers and why?
I met so many great ball players and great guys in general that I cannot choose one.

What has happened to you since you left Rochester and what are you doing now?
 After a short stint in the MN Twins organization and 2 arm surgeries ending my career, I returned to Kansas State to finish up my degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management with a Minor in Business.  I moved to the Denver, CO metro area and currently work for the Echo Brewing Company in Frederick, CO.  I was married in 2011 to my beautiful wife Brooke, adopted her amazing daughter Kyra (11) and we had our first child of our own in 2012 named Kierson Daniel.

What was your biggest realization while playing for the Rochester Honkers?
My biggest realization while playing with the Honkers was that baseball was the bulk of our lives.  We lived, breathed, and loved the game of baseball.  We all had each other's backs and built some great friendships in the process.

Do you still stay in contact with former teammates? If so who?
I have lost contact with most of the guys I played with back in 1994 and 1996.