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Published On: October 29th, 2014

Slider's Healthy Thought of The Day is About Halloween Candy!

Before you eat TOO much candy on Friday, read below to find out what you'll have to do to burn it off!

  • Eleven pieces of candy corn takes about 10 minutes of step aerobics to burn off.
  • If you eat just one Fun Size candy bar, you'll need to go on a 10 minute bike ride to burn it off.  If you upgrade that to one King Size candy bar, you'll need to walk 5 miles!
  • Two Hershey's Kisses requires only a 1/2 mile walk, while one Fun Size M&M packet (plain or peanut) takes a 1 mile walk to burn off.
  • Five Tootsie Rolls takes 9 minutes of running, 8 minutes of swimming, or 20 minutes bike riding to burn off.
  • Eight individual Starburst take 12 minutes running, or 28 minutes biking!

Be sure to check back for Slider's Healthy Thought of the Day again next week presented by Olmsted County Public Health and your Rochester Honkers!