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Published On: November 7th, 2014

Mitch Karraker – Oregon
2009 Rochester Honkers
Photo of Mitch for his position as the Oregon Ducks Baseball Administrative Assistant

What’s your favorite memory while playing for the Rochester Honkers?
MK: The best memory I have is dog piling on the field when we won the Northwoods League Championship.

What's your favorite non playing memory from your time with the Rochester Honkers?
MK: The relationships I created with the players that summer.  We had a bunch of great guys that enjoyed being around one another.  We had lots of fun on and off the field.  That was my first experience in a collegiate summer ball league and I couldn’t have asked for a better team and organization to be with.

Who was your favorite teammate when you played for the Rochester Honkers and why?
MK: Scott McGough was a guy I played with at Rochester and at the University of Oregon.  He is an all around great individual who always does things the right way.  An absolute competitor on the mound with nasty stuff it was fun to play with him. 

What has happened to you since you left Rochester and what are you doing now?
MK: I finished my playing career at Oregon and since then I have been in several different roles on the Oregon staff.  I finished my masters degree this summer in Education and coached a summer team in the West Coast League, the Klamath Falls Gems.

What was your biggest realization while playing for the Rochester Honkers?
There are a lot of good baseball players out there.  It was my first experience playing with guys all of the country.  Going into it I thought I was a pretty good player but after watching some of the individuals I played with and against, I knew I could be a better player and improve in some areas.

Do you stay in contact with former teammates? If so, who?
It is hard to stay in contact with a lot of the guys because we all go our separate ways.  I talk to Scott McGough and Danny Pulfer probably the most out of anyone, mainly because I played school baseball with them as well.