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Published On: November 12th, 2014

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, Slider's Healthy Thought of The Day is About Potatoes!

Did you know…

  • Potatoes were often eaten aboard ships to prevent scurvy because they are loaded with vitamin C, nearly 46% of the daily recommended amount!
  • Potatoes can be prepared many ways including boiled, mashed, baked, or made into French fries and hash browns.
  • Although it shares the same name, sweet potatoes are a root vegetable while regular potatoes are tubers (underground stems), and are only loosely related.
  • The United States first president George Washington grew sweet potatoes on his farmland in Mount Vernon, Virginia.
  • You can get baked potatoes at a Honkers games!

Be sure to check back for Slider's Healthy Thought of the Day again next week presented by Olmsted County Public Health and your Rochester Honkers!