The best NEW ticket package!

New to the Rox in 2023 is the Kwik Trip 5-Game Pack! Get the best games the Rox have to offer for the most affordable price we offer! Oh, did we mention there is food?

5-Game Pack Memberships Include:

$50 Concessions Gift Card

Is it a taco in a bag? chicken wings? cold beverages? Use your gift card however you’d like!

You Get The Best Games

You will have a ticket to five of our best promotional nights located in main grandstand behind home plate!

Can’t Make It? No Problem!

We understand that life is busy, so if there is a game you can not make, you can switch it to a game that works for you!

Merchandise Discount

You will never pay full price for Rox merchandise as a 5-game package member. You will receive 10% off all Rox merchandise!

Our stadium only allows a limited number of these packages per game! 5-game package memberships will sell out!

Receive all of the above for only $95!

(Yes, that includes the $50 concessions gift card!)

Purchase Your Kwik Trip 5-Game Pack Here!

Don’t wait, there are a limited number of these 5-game pack memberships available!

Please call Rachel at (320) 240-9798 or email with any questions or to learn more.