The best NEW ticket package!

New to the Rox in 2023 is the Kwik Trip 5-Game Pack! Get the best games the Rox have to offer for the most affordable price we offer! A steal of a deal! Receive a free $50 concessions gift card with each 5-game package!

5-Game Pack Memberships Include:

$50 Concessions Gift Card

Is it a taco in a bag? chicken wings? cold beverages? Use your gift card however you’d like!

You Get The Best Games

You will have a reserved ticket to five of our best promotional nights located in main grandstand behind home plate!

Can’t Make It? No Problem!

We understand that life is busy, so if there is a game you can not make, you can switch it to a game that works for you!

Merchandise Discount

You will never pay full price for Rox merchandise as a 5-game package member. You will receive 10% off all Rox merchandise!

Our stadium only allows a limited number of these packages per game! 5-game package memberships will sell out!

Receive all of the above for only $95!

(Yes, that includes the $50 concessions gift card!)

Purchase Your Kwik Trip 5-Game Pack Here!

Don’t wait, there are a limited number of these 5-game pack memberships available!

Please call Rachel at (320) 240-9798 or email with any questions or to learn more.