Squeeze Play Contest

Enter the Rox Squeeze Play Contest presented by Alliance Imaging for a chance to win $2,000! If the Rox perform a squeeze play of any kind in the 6th inning at home, one lucky winner will be chosen!

What is a Squeeze Play?

The squeeze play (a.k.a. squeeze bunt) is a maneuver consisting of a sacrifice bunt with a runner on third base. The batter bunts the ball, expecting to be thrown out at first base, but providing the runner on third base an opportunity to score. 

In a safety squeeze, the runner at third takes a lead, but does not run towards home plate until the batter makes contact bunting. A play at home plate is possible.

In a suicide squeeze, the runner takes off as soon as the pitcher begins the windup to throw the pitch, and before releasing the ball. If properly executed, and the batter bunts the ball nearly anywhere in fair territory on the ground, a play at home plate is extremely unlikely. 


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