Kwik Trip 5-Game Pack

New to the Rox in 2023 is the Kwik Trip 5-Game Pack! Get the best games the Rox have to offer for the most affordable price we offer! Oh, did we mention there is food?

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Kwik Trip 7-Game Pack

This isn’t your average ticket pack. We’ll buy you dinner for your friends, for your kids, for your aunts and uncles, for your neighbors, for anybody you want! This is the real deal! We were thinking of families when we came up with this idea but also applies to friends, neighbors, or whomever.

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Taco John’s Friends and Family Package

The Taco John’s Friends and Family Package is the perfect family package this summer! You get four Rox Tickets, four Rox Baseball Hats, and four Taco John’s combo meal tickets!

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Season Ticket Packages

Choose the perfect season ticket packages that work for you! You can choose full or half-season plans with benefits such as 30% off per game, first priority for playoffs, flexible ticket exchange program and much more!

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There is no place like the Rock Pile!

If you are looking to come on out to the Rock Pile, please contact the Rox office at 320-240-9798 or email