The Participants
KAT and JJ The PLAYHOUSE (104.7)
Kelly and Wood The Wild Wake Up (98.9)
Pete and KellyPete & Kelly in the Morning (98.1)
Baxter and LauraBaxter’s Morning Sideshow (103.7)
Derek Lee (104.7)
Jay Caldwell— Morning News Watch (1240)
Brook Stephens (98.9)
Dave and Ashli Mixed Up Morning Show (94.9)
Bob Hughes KNSI Mornings (1450)
Abbey5 O’clock Road Block (98.1) and Middays with Abbey (94.9)
Amos and Cyn — Amos & Cyn in the Morning (99.9)
Jim Maurice and Lee Voss (1240)
Ox Ox in the Afternoon (1450)
David Black (96.7 & 103.7)
Tom Elliott (St. Cloud Times)
Randy Rothstein (1150 KASM)



About the CapitalOne Media Madness Bobblehead Bracket

Welcome to the St. Cloud Rox 2019 CapitalOne Media Madness Bobblehead Bracket!

Over the course of the month of March and along with March Madness going on, there will be another bracket unfolding involving some media personalities throughout Central Minnesota!

In this CapitalOne Media Madness Bobblehead Bracket, you will have the opportunity to vote on which on-air or media personality you want to see have their very own bobblehead that will be given away to 400 fans at the August 8 Rox game this summer!

Updates on winners of each matchup and round will be provided both here and on Rox social media platforms throughout the course of the voting process.

Fans can vote once every 24 hours for which personality they would like to see advance until a winner advances to the next round of the bracket, until an ultimate winner is chosen. If there is a tie based on the number of votes, a coin flip will be made to determine the winner. So vote early, vote often and encourage your friends and family to join in on the CapitalOne Media Madness Bobblehead Bracket as these 16 Central Minnesota on-air or media personalities battle it out for a chance to get their own custom bobblehead.



Cast your votes below!

The Final Four round of voting is LIVE NOW and will be running until Wednesday, March 27 at 8 a.m.
*Fans can vote once every 24 hours*




Bracket Schedule

First Round: Monday, March 4 – Wednesday, March 13 (ending at 8 a.m.)

Second Round: Wednesday, March 13 – Wednesday, March 20 (ending at 8 a.m.)

Final Four: Wednesday, March 20 – Wednesday, March 27 (ending at 8 a.m.)

Championship: Wednesday, March 27 – Tuesday, April 2 (ending at 11:59 p.m.)

*** Announcement of winner will be on Wednesday, April 3 ***