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Published On: February 17th, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This week with Monday Musings we interviewed former Buck, Kahtan Al-Kaissy. He went to Viterbo University, majoring in Business Management. Here are 5 interesting facts about him.

1. How did you get involved with playing baseball?

I played from a young age through high school, was going to go to school for DNR so didn't plan on playing baseball.

I went to Vermilion Community College and they had a baseball team so I joined for fun, baseball took off from there.

2. What made you want to play for the Bucks?

Isn't it obvious? The name BUCKS! And Domingo Ayala.

3. Who was an athlete you admired growing up and why?

Terry Steinbach, he's from a small town and fame never got to him, he played for the love of the sport. 

4. What was your most memorable moment playing baseball?

The dog pile after we won the Ohio Valley League Championship when I played for the Fulton Railroaders down in TN.

5. Who was a player you learned a lot from?

Chris Dunn,  former Bucks pitcher and Viterbo teammate, he struggled through Cancer and still played sports and became even stronger after, than he was before.