Dear 2018 Scheels 7-Pack Holder,

Wow, what a season! Can you believe this summer was that much fun? Winning the first half, hosting our first ever playoff game, and selling out 30 of our 36 home games even after adding 300 new seats!? 2018 was one for the record books and we couldn’t have done it without YOU.

But, we are not done.

Next year will be even better. Thanks to your feedback, we are making some tweaks to your Scheels 7-Game Pack to continue making it the best ticket package in the entire universe.

Here is what we are tweaking for 2019:

  1. Adding Lemonade and a Variety of Flavored Chips. Many of you have mentioned this in the survey and we think it’s a great idea! So, for 2019, we will be introducing Minute Maid Lemonade and a variety of flavored chips to choose from that will pair greatly with your meal.
  2. Most Entertaining Dining Experience in North Dakota. You read that correctly. Next year when you arrive to the Scheels 7-Pack Pavilion you are going to be ready for a party. With your dinner you will receive a dining entertaining experience that you can’t get anywhere else. We’re talking music, balloon artists, magicians, entertainment act interactions, and a few other surprises.
  3. More Condiment Stations. This past year we enhanced our condiment station from packets to pumps and added a variety of toppings. The only problem is that we had one For 2019, we will be adding multiple stations, so you can dress all that marvelous food in a timely fashion.
  4. More Picnic Table Seating. Each year we continue to get blown away with your support of the Scheels 7 Game ticket package that we need to continue to add more picnic table seating to your area.

Don’t worry, with all the fine-tuning that we are doing, we are still keeping all of your favorites to keep this package the best in the business… 

  1. Free All-You-Can-Eat Ballpark Food/Drink for 3 Innings. We know food is a huge cost in taking your family out. So, we’re going to keep including that in your package for FREE. Each game, receive an all-inclusive ballpark buffet: hot dogs, (cheese) burgers, a special rotating entrée, chips, two rotating sides, and a cookie or fresh fruit for dessert.
  2. Our Best Seats. We’re still saving you our best seats. Renewing your Scheels 7-Game Package is the only way to get close to the action and guarantee your own personal seats for the season.
  3. Guaranteed Giveaways. Scheels 7-Pack holders are the only fans that receive our coolest giveaway items of the year. With your Scheels 7-Game Pack, you receive 5 awesome new giveaway items for 2019. We can’t share all of the new gifts yet, but we do know one you’re going to love: the first EVER Larks yellow home jersey. That’s right. The boys of summer will be rocking retro yellow uniforms at home next summer and YOU’LL have the same jersey in your package.
  4. Flexibility.This perk is a fan favorite. We know your schedule in the summer can be hectic, which is why our No Ticket Goes Wasted Policy is so beneficial. Can’t make a game in your package? No problem. All you have to do is give our front office a call before your game day and swap it out for FREE.
  5.  Pricing. And the best part about next season? The price increases ZERO. NADDA. NIL. You are able to lock in your same seats for exactly the same price as 2018.

We’d love to have you back as part of the Larks summer family.  Our Scheels 7 Game Pack holders are 2800 strong and growing. You are Larks baseball, which is why each and every year we are trying to build the best ticket package available for you and your families.

Next season, our goal is to SELL OUT all 36 home games. It’s a lofty goal, but we’re committed to creating the best fan experience possible at each and every game. And we can’t do it without YOU.

Help us continue creating unforgettable summer memories and sell out every game at Bismarck Municipal Ballpark, home of Dakota Community Bank and Trust Field next summer. It all starts with renewing your tickets. 

To renew your tickets please fill out the form below and Cody will be in touch.

The deadline for renewal is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 12, 2018. After that, the seats we’re saving for you will be opened up to our waitlist. Simply fill out the order form and mail or email it back to our offices and you are locked in and ready for yet another season of fun with the Bismarck Larks.  Thank you for your support.

Questions? Talk to Cody:






Call: 701-557-7600

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