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Join us for STEM Education Night on August 19, 2020 from 3:00 to 5:30 PM!

It’s FREE and open to the public!


STEM Super-Star: Emilie Filipek | Wilton Public Schools | 11th Grade

Growing up on a ranch, Emilie Filipek learned how to work and solve problems at a very early age. As she grew in her abilities at home, she was able to apply these same strategies to her education. Mrs. Boeshans observed how Emilie continued to work through a problem. She said, “Emilie doesn’t give up. She will keep tweaking and keep trying until things work out the way she wants them to.” We wanted to award Emilie with the STEM Super Star Award because she has displayed strong qualities of leadership that have made an impact on her teachers and fellow classmates. Congratulations, Emilie! We are so proud of you!

STEM All-Star: Jacob Hynek | Stanley Elementary Schools | 4th Grade

Jacob is the type of student teachers love to have in the classroom. He is willing to work with anyone and even makes an effort to seek out students who may be left out. His teacher, Mr Hellman, has observed how Jacob will respectfully challenge students when appropriate. He says, “I have seen Jacob bring out the best in other students by simply challenging them to something he knows they can do.”

STEM All-Star: Trinity Pitzer | Mandan Middle School | 8th Grade
When communicating, Trinity is sure to organize her thoughts and ideas in a way that people can understand. During Science labs, Trinity is willing to help others understand the instructions or concepts of the lab. When a classmate might be having a hard time understanding the concept, Trinity explains the material and makes it relatable to their life so it’s easier for them to understand.

STEM All-Star: Kaitlyn Mertz | Career Academy Bismarck Public Schools | 12th Grade

As a CNA at Sanford Hospital, Kaitlyn displays a love for her patients and has a true dedication to the field. Her passion for becoming a future nurse is clear as she has continued to work while in online classes. Kaitlyn has remained a true leader for her classmates and everyone around her of what it means to help others and pursue a career.

STEM All-Star: Audrey Davenport | Minot Public Schools | 11th Grade

In 2019, Audrey was the winner in Architectural Design for the state of North Dakota. She went on to compete in the national contest in Washington D.C. and placed 8th overall as a sophomore! Audrey is always staying after school to work on STEM based projects for Technology Student Association or to simply help out her other classmates.

STEM All-Star: Ayden Olson | Wachter Middle School | 8th Grade

Ayden’s passion for engineering is clear in the way he jumps at the opportunity to figure out how something works. His teachers recognize this and when they aren’t able to figure out what is wrong with a certain piece of equipment, they turn to Ayden. As a student of honest integrity and hard work, Ayden’s teachers predict he will be successful in whatever he sets his mind to.

The first 50 students nominated received (2) FREE tickets to the Larks and MDU Resources Group STEM Education Night on Thursday, June 18th.


What is the STEM All-Star Program?

The Larks have teamed up with MDU Resources and Gateway to Science to bring STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to the baseball field. Together, we understand the importance of equipping youth with the knowledge and skills to solve tough problems, gather and evaluate evidence and comprehend information.

Every summer we make it our mission to recognize six all-star students who exhibit hard work, dedication, and a commitment to using STEM to serve their school and community. Students are nominated by their teacher for their love of learning. The winners are then carefully selected by MDU Resources and Gateway to Science.

In honor of their accomplishment, the Larks recognize each STEM All-Star during select home games throughout the season.

Each STEM All-Star receives the following:

  • Larks jersey (includes name on the back)
  • 4 Larks tickets to a select game
  • Story in the Larks game day program
  • On-field recognition and the chance to throw out the first pitch
  • A Gateway to Science One-Year Student Membership

Out of the six all-star students, ONE is selected as the STEM Super-Star. The 2020 STEM-Super Star is Emilie Filipek. 

Emilie will be recognized during STEM Education Night at the Ballpark on June 18th.

The STEM Super-Star receives ALL of the above perks PLUS the following:

  • Personalized radio ad promoting their STEM achievements and STEM Education Night
  • Opportunity to display their STEM project(s) during the STEM Expo
  • Pizza Party at Gateway to Science