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MDU Resources STEM All-Stars



The Larks have teamed up with MDU Resources and Gateway to Science to bring STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to the baseball field. Together, we understand the importance of equipping youth with the knowledge and skills to solve tough problems, gather and evaluate evidence and comprehend information.

Every summer we make it our mission to recognize 12 all-star students who exhibit hard work, dedication, and a commitment to using STEM to serve their school and community. Students are nominated by their teacher for their love of learning. The winners are then carefully selected by MDU Resources and Gateway to Science.

In honor of their accomplishment, the Larks recognize each STEM All-Star during select home games throughout the season.

Each STEM All-Star receives the following:

  • Assembly at their school recognizing their accomplishments
  • One-day contract with the Larks
  • Larks jersey (includes name on the back)
  • 4 Larks tickets to a select game
  • Story in the Larks game day program
  • Opportunity to catch balls with the Larks during batting practice
  • On-field recognition and the chance to throw out the first pitch
  • A Gateway to Science One-Year Student Membership

Out of the 12 All-Star students, ONE is selected as the STEM Super-Star.

The STEM Super-Star is recognized during STEM Education Night at the Ballpark (Wednesday, June 5).

The STEM Super-Star receives ALL of the above perks PLUS the following:

  • Personalized radio ad promoting their STEM achievements and STEM Education Night
  • Opportunity to display their STEM project(s) during the STEM Expo
  • Pizza Party at Gateway to Science

And your 2019 STEM All-Stars are…

SUPER-STAR 2019: Janelle Tare. Nominated by Heather Frey
A senior from Bismarck High School, Janelle Tare demonstrates true qualities of a STEM Super-Star. Her critical thinking skills, written and verbal communication skills and ability to lead by example distinguish her in her school work and extracurricular activities. Janelle is an active member of multiple student organizations including HOSA, National Honor Society, Key Club, For Directions Club and student council. She aspires to become a medical physician someday.

All-STAR 2019: Teegan Henke. Nominated by Nikki Fideldy
Teegan a senior at Center-Stanton High School pours her heart into her FFA organization. Her open-minded and creative personality have allowed her to excel at the local, state and national level in numerous events including agriscience research. This year she hopes to be named the 2019 Agriscience Research Proficiency Winner. When she isn’t busy researching materials, methods and looking over results she is active in volleyball, basketball, band, choir, yearbook, and student council.

All-STAR 2019: Ryan Muggli. Nominated by Daphne Heid
Ryan has been an online MRACTC Technology and Engineering student for two years and definitely stands out from the crowd. The Grant County senior’s creativity is beyond compare. In the classroom, he excels in CTE environment and has an engineering mindset when it comes to problem solving. Outside the classroom, Ryan and his brother have designed and developed a plasma cutter and 3D printer for farm use.

All-STAR 2019: Alexis Marie Ritzman. Nominated by Angela Wescott
Alexis strives to spread her love for STEM inside and outside the classroom. The 8th grader at Mandan Middle School, loves teaching younger students about science whenever she has the chance. Her mission = opening others eyes to the endless opportunities and experiences our planet has to offer. Alexis participates in Science Club and is constantly looking for new ways to challenge herself and those around her by using STEM.

All-STAR 2019: Shaydin Marie Ell. Nominated by Angela Wescott
Shaydin’s problem solving skills make her a standout STEM student and a contributing member to her community. The Mandan 8th grader has worked with the Leo Club to help the homeless, make blankets for kidney dialysis patients and collect eye glasses for people in need. Her next goal…volunteer at TR 4 Heart and assist with therapeutic horseback riding for children with disabilities and speech or behavioral challenges. Her giving nature has allowed her to help fellow students in study groups, labs and collaborative assignments.

All-STAR 2019: Jayda Remboldt. Nominated by Kayla Tatro
If you were to ask Jayda what her favorite subject in school is, she might say Math. The 6th grader from Glen Ullin earned fourth place at the Morton County Math Counts competition and always competes in the school science fair each year.  When faced with a problem, Jayda takes it head on. She analyzes the various solution and determines the best choices. Nominating teacher, Kayla Tatro says Jayda always goes beyond what is expected of her to create something unique and beautiful. She suggests inventive solution to the challenges whether they are socially or academically.

All-STAR 2019: Kamryn Dahme. Nominated by Kelsy Achtenberg
This future anesthesiologist is no stranger to STEM. Kamryn, a 5th grader at the Innovation School is already signed-up for STEM courses next year. She loves doing presentations and is constantly researching and learning about her hopeful future profession. Nominating teacher, Kelsy Achtenberg says she admires Kamryn’s work ethic and growth mindset. She has intrinsic motivation that will take her far in life.

All-STAR 2019: Zach Johansen. Nominated by Kyler Olson
When things are broken, Zach fixes them. The 4th grader has no hesitation and always knows what he wants his finished product to look like or do. Needless to say, Zach always has a plan on how to get the job done. Nominating teacher, Kyler Olson is impressed by Zach’s ability to come up with the most creative designs during their STEM curricular activities. He’s a visionary and can explain his thought process every step of the way.

All-STAR 2019: Annie Roise. Nominated by Jacob Hellman
Annie’s attitude can be summed up in a two words — ‘I Can’. Her confidence and ability to solve problems make her a stand-out in the classroom. When faced with problems, the Stanley Elementary 4th grader, thinks through the process step-by-step to come up with a logical solution. Her passion to learn reaches far beyond her daily teachings. In fact, you can find Annie look ahead in her math book, teaching herself new concepts and even staying in from recess to learn more.

All-STAR 2019: Luke Hoefer. Nominated by Olivia Becker
Luke is the definition of a hands-on learner. The self-taught engineer can construct just about anything. Some of his projects have included a claw machine, a soccer field made out of cardboard, foam and tape AND towers constructed with toothpicks, marshmallows, notecards and paperclips.  Nominating teacher, Oliva Becker says Luke exhibits all the behaviors of a 21st century learner. His communication and creativity skills distinguish the young 2nd grader as a leader among his classmates.

All-STAR 2019: Naomi Hegwood.
Nine AP classes. Straight A student. Near perfect ACT score (35). That’s Naomi. The Bismarck High Senior plans to study biology and possibly even environmental science in college. BHS English instructor, Rosann Jacobs-Fode describes Naomi as “academically gifted, caring and compassionate, socially and politically aware, hardworking, optimist: Naomi has all the qualities we look for in a student.” (McCormack, Bismarck Tribune). Naomi is involved in Science Bowl, Science Olympiad, Drama and Envirothon.

All-STAR 2019: Doug Welsch.
If at first you don’t succeed, try. Try again. That was the story for Doug Welsch. The Century High Senior scored a 35 on his ACT, but was bound and determined to get a perfect 36. So what did he do, he retook it. Welsch hopes to study computer science and someday become proficient in artificial intelligence. His dream…attend Princeton University or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. When Welsch isn’t studying for Calculus III he’s actively participating in Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, Mathletes and tennis.

Don’t forget to join us for STEM Education Night on June 5th