What started out as a fun summer job in high school, has turned into the perfect summer job for local University of Mary student, Jordyn Kisse. This summer will mark Jordyn’s fourth season with the Larks. 

“It’s a great first job,” Jordyn said. “You’re not asked to do a million different things and work long hours. It’s a couple of hours every night, a few nights a week. I’m there to do my job and have fun. I look forward to it.”

Over the past three summers, Jordyn has become a fan-favorite staff member. She’s recognized both at the ballpark and when she’s out on the town.

“It’s fun, I make new friends at work and people look forward to coming to see me at the games every day,” Jordyn said.

Jordyn makes it her mission to make fans happy every game. Take for example the “nacho” story.

Last summer, a couple ordered nachos from Jordyn at the concession stand. Unfortunately, a few ingredients were not available at that very moment. Jordyn offered to personally deliver the nachos to the couple’s seat when they were complete. And she did just that.

“After that game, they sent John

[Bollinger] an appreciative email about how I came and found them.” She said, “now they always stop and talk to me and ask me how I am. I was mini-golfing with my boyfriend and they stopped and talked to us for 30 minutes. I’m glad I could give them that memorable moment.” 

Jordyn has since recruited both her boyfriend and his younger sister to work for the Larks also. She says it is the perfect first job or summer job for high school and college students. Outside of the ballpark, Jordyn is a proud supporter of the Larks. She attends Larks community events, with her favorite being the annual Ski Day at Huff Hills presented by 701 Cycle and Sport.

CALLING ALL HAPPY PEOPLE. Looking for a FUN Summer Job?

Imagine showing up to work with a ballpark as your office view…

That’s what you get when you work with us this summer!

We are currently looking for HAPPY people to join our game day team for the 2022 season. The flexible hours make it the perfect first job, second job, and a job you can enjoy!

But working with us is more than just a job, it’s an experience. As part of our flock, we invite you to be yourself, celebrate the good times and enjoy the entertainment, the baseball and the FUN all summer long.