How my husband’s Christmas gift got our grandkids off their phones and into the game

By Gin Torkelson – Larks fan, Grandparent, and Scheels 7 Pack Holder

Boy, do my husband and I love our baseball. And our grandkids too of course! We have 8 of them – ranging in ages from 5 months to 22 years old. And if you’re like us, we’re always looking for ways to spoil them when we get the chance.

But let’s face it; for the older ones, fun at Grandma and Grandpa’s house often turns into less of a conversation and more of a competition with all their devices! Ron and I finally understand Facebook, and now they tell us we need Snapchat? When does it end?!

So just when I thought the old man had given up, he showed up one day last fall with the biggest smile on his face.“Honey, I know how to break through to the kids – the Bismarck Larks Scheels 7 Game Pack!” And boy, did that catch their attention.


First off, our whole family loves good baseball. Ron played college ball, as did our son, and most of the grandchildren play in various leagues. While we’ve always prided ourselves on Bismarck’s rich baseball history and great youth programs, we always hoped a higher level of the game would come back to town that we could enjoy.

At our first Larks game, we were blown away by the talent on the field. These are the top college players from across the country competing against great competition in hopes to one day get drafted by a Major League team. Ron told Reily, our 14-year-old grandson, “You will see 5-6 great plays tonight, whether at the plate or defensively.” Reily was counting right along with him. And, by golly, Grandpa was always right.


While the baseball was great, you sometimes forgot the game was even going on with all the entertainment. Between you and me, they have the best fireworks show in town. We couldn’t believe it. After witnessing our first show, we thought they had spent their entire promotional budget for the season – until we found out they were doing 5 more!

The Larks brought in acts from across the country on special nights. One guy shot himself from a cannon, another juggled chainsaws, but our favorite was Rally the Mascot. Oh, was he funny! Rally had us all cheering louder in the 8th inning than we were in the 1st.

And most importantly, the grandkids loved it too. While they loved watching the game with Grandpa, some innings they’d get up and go bounce around in the YMCA Family Fun Zone and loved running around the bases in the 7th inning.


We also got 5 great gifts in our package which included a jersey, hat, bobblehead, team photo, and Clark the Lark poster, which we gave to the grandkids. As you can see, we showed up to the games in style!


The part we’re still trying to figure out about the pack is the food. For $16 a ticket, we could not believe we got the  game, the fun, the gifts, AND all-you-can-eat food and drink.

We honestly thought it was only for one game. The menu included hot dogs, burgers, chips, and our favorite – the pulled pork and potato salad. We just found out that the Larks prepare & cook all the food themselves and even have a smoker on site. No wonder we liked the pulled pork!


While our schedules are more open these days, I feel like the grandkids pick up a different activity every week. However, we never had to worry about missing a game with the Lark due to their No Ticket Goes Wasted Policy. If we ever needed to switch a date in our package, we let the team know and they switched it free of charge. You could tell they truly cared about our experience.


With all this value, we were ready to pay for it. Time like this with our grandkids is priceless. But when Ron went to pay the bill, he could nott believe the Larks only charge $16 per ticket. That’s a total of $112 for the whole package. It has to be one of the best deals in town.

So if you’re looking for ways to connect offline with your grandkids, make sure to get your family a few Scheels 7 Game Packs. It’s the Christmas gift that not only makes summer memories, but leads to great conversations around the Christmas fire too!

Get yours today by calling 701-557-7600 or filling out the form below.

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