Larks fans, it feels good to be back.

OK wait, let’s rewind. You’re probably wondering how I ended up back here. As most of you know, I moved out of state, said goodbye to my Larks family and started a new chapter in the book of Kaitlyn. But there was something missing in my book. Something that made me excited to go to work every day. That something was the Larks.

Let me tell you this, I love the Larks. I love who we are, what we stand for, and how we make people happy. Which is why I came back. My role is different now. Prior to my departure I worked closely with all of our amazing sponsors and helped entertain you at the ballpark. Now, my job is to ensure YOUR experience is unique, memorable, happy, and above all – FUN.

As your Chief eXperience Officer, I am excited to help our team deliver the world-class service and experience you have come to expect from us. As we inch closer to the season, our team is working around the clock to build an unforgettable 2022 season and serve you every step of the way.

You are the most important part of our team. In fact, our team is incentivized based on your experience. Every time you complete a survey, we grade our team on the quality of service we are providing. Good is not good enough. Exceptional is what we strive to be. We want to be the BEST experience of your day, your week, and your year.

Did one of our team members go above and beyond for you? Share your story with us so we can celebrate it. Was your experience less than wonderful? We want to hear that too. Send your thoughts, feedback and stories to me anytime by emailing me at We will continue to take care of you as we work to deliver the experience you expect and deserve. We are always at your service.



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