Kylee Champaigne, selected as the Larks Kid of the Month for March, is a natural-born leader.

“I like to be in charge of things,” Kylee said. “I like being a leader. A good leader means kindness and patience toward others — and sometimes you just have to yell at everybody.”

Kylee is a girl of many talents, karate, music, and a big role in Girl Scouts.

“I’m part of one of the media teams they have. You do this big interview about what you like about Girl Scouts and then out of the three states, they choose 16 girls to be on the media team. I was one of the lucky numbers.”

She’s even the Student Council President at Lincoln Elementary.

“I went to two speeches. I want to get into student counseling and wanted to be president. They basically just make decisions for our school. Right now, we have — because of COVID — flags that separate the areas of our playground, and the fifth graders never get to go the actual playground equipment or swings. We only get the backfield. We’re looking to change that.”

She also has a great sense of humor.

“What’s the 93rd element on the periodic table? The element of surprise!”

For her leadership and active role in our community, Kylee was named the Larks Kid of the Month, powered by MDU Resources Group.

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