ND Beef Giveaway

Not participating would be a missed steak.
Get moo-ving and purchase a beef steak TODAY! 

We love beef — especially a juicy, fresh-off-the-grill beef steak.

Well what if we told you, you could get a FREE beef grilling spatula just for eating a beef steak? Yes, it’s true. We’ve teamed up with the North Dakota Beef Commission to make grilling FUN this summer. All we need you to do is eat beef steak this summer…

How do I get the beef grill spatula?

  • Purchase a beef steak at one of the following places:
    • Restaurant
    • Butcher Shop
    • Grocery Store
    • Direct from a farmer
  • Bring your receipt to the Larks front office or the ballpark
  • OR text a photo of your receipt to BEEF at 701-557-7600
  • Receive a FREE Larks beef grilling spatula
    (one grill spatula per receipt)

ONLY 350 beef grill spatulas available NOW!

Win Larks Tickets to the Beefy Boys Home Run Derby.
Want to watch the Larks beefiest hitters go head-to-head in a home run derby? This is your chance.

Submit a photo of your perfectly grilled beef steak or the grill master in your house and you could win (4) tickets United We Steak Saturdays at the ballpark. Did we mention you will also get the chance to shag balls on the field during the Beefy Boys Home Run Derby?

How it works:

Repping yellow sleeveless uniforms adorned with a black angus cow, these boys really know how to get the ball moo-ving. The Home Run Derby starts 1 hour prior to every Saturday game. Fans who have a ticket to the game can come early and enjoy the show.

The derby point system works on a 3-point scale. If the ball falls in the shallow outfield, the player receives one point. If the ball falls on the warning track, they receive two points. Any ball hit over the fence earns the player three points.

Players are allowed to use metal bats instead of their traditional wooden ones.

Jarrett Bickel (Palm Beach St. College) took home the crown in heroic fashion, defeating Curran with back-to-back home runs over the fence as time ran out to secure the victory in the first home run derby, while Blake Gallagher (Minot St.) dominated the second “pitchers-only”  Beefy Boys Home Run Derby.

Fill out the form below for your chance to win! For more information about United We Steak Saturdays, click here.